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Torky Preset Torque Wrenches

BELKNAP’S PRESET TORKY is a right angle torque wrench designed for production applications where clamp load is vital. The 1/4″ female hex (bit holder) allows for numerous types of bits to be used. Standard factory color is blue, but other colors may be available in larger quantities.

Torque value can be preset and sealed at the factory (or at your own calibration lab.)


  • Accuracy = ± 4% in the direction of calibration.
  • Torques in both left and right hand directions.
  • Positive sensory “click” signals when desired torque is reached.
  • Lever arm handle allows easy application of higher torque values.
  • Tool steel and alloy steel used for components for accuracy and long life.
  • Industrial grade design has been proven through thousands of hours of use in major auto manufacturer’s facilities.

If you are in need of a specially designed torky, give us a call (248) 348-7800 to discuss your specific requirements. Our Specialty Tools Gallery displays a small sampling of what we’ve produced for our customers over the years.


Torky Preset Torque Wrenches
Tq Low Tq High Tq Low Tq High Tq Low Tq High Min Torque Max Torque Tq Low Tq High Tq Low Tq High Length Weight
Part # (kg·m ) (kg·m ) (g·cm ) (g·cm ) (In·Oz) (In·Oz) (In. Lb.) (In. Lb.) (Ft·Lb) (Ft·Lb) (Nm ) (Nm ) (In.) (Lb.)
VB1501TPA-B 0.35 1.73 34564.80 172824.00 480.00 2400.00 30 150 2.50 12.50 3.39 16.95 5.6 0.5

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