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If you need a special, custom made tool, it’s what we do best! We are well known for our in-house engineering and machining departments, which has the ability to design, prototype and manufacture specialty tooling for short runs. With our vast knowledge of structural analysis and finite-element analysis, tool optimization and weight-reduction, our engineers are constantly developing new products for the ever-changing industrial demands.

We can solve the most complicated engineering and design problems you may encounter. We have made thousands of special sockets, drive ends, adapters, torque wrenches, hose clamp tools, fixtures, material holding, assembly and installation tools for a broad range of markets.

Select one of these categories to view a sampling of our specialty tools that we’ve produced over the years. The tools shown were custom-made and cannot be quoted as is. Please call us (248) 348-7800 or email to discuss your requirements. We look forward to working with you!

#1 Surface Drive Socket with Nylon Housing

#3 Retaining Hex Socket with Square Drive and Nylon Sleeve

#11 Surface Drive Socket with Adjustable Runoff


#4 Heavy Duty U-Bottom Drive End with ISO Adapter

#5 Formax Drive End for Side Ink Marking Torque Wrench

#9 V-Bottom Drive End with Reduced Thickness

#13 Axle to Transmission Gauge Drive End

#19 V-Bottom Extended Adapter with Male Hex Drive

#1 Male Square Drive by Female Square Drive Crowfoot

#2 Box Offset Female Square Drive Crowfoot

#6 12 Pt Slotted Box w/ guide washer Crowfoot

#1 Ratchet With Slip-Torq And Extended Socket

#3 Top Ink Marking Torque Wrench With Socket

#4 Torque Wrench With Pipe Wrench Drive End

#9 Maxi-Break Torque Wrench With Female Torx Drive End

#10 Torque Wrench With Hex Flare Offset Drive End

#14 Ratcheting Torque Wrench With Special Grip

#15 Torque Wrench With Ratcheting Allen Head Drive End

#16 Torque Wrench With Special Offset Adapter

#2 Bench Mounted Pneumatic Hose Clamp Tool

#4 Locking Hose Clamp Tool With Interchangeable Tips

#5 Hand Hose Clamp Tool With Interchangeable Tips

#6 Pneumatic Hose Clamp Tool With Retainer

#17 Holding Fixture For Stamping Automotive VIN

#2 Non-Marring Hand Tool With Magnetic Inserts

#9 Automotive Instrument Panel Build-Up Fixture

#4 Pneumatic Door Hinge Spring Install Tool

#18 Gas Fill Door Enclosure Install Tool