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Ink Marking Torque Wrenches


  • Accuracy is ± 4%.
  • Only marks in CW direction.
  • Manually operated.
  • Non-coagulating ink, includes two ink cartridges.
  • Available ink colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White.
  • Felt tip left uncovered after long periods of time may require minimal priming.
  • Approximate ink cartridge cycles is 350-400 and dependent upon the operator/application.
  • Ink is also available by the quart.
  • Cannot mark any type of screws, including Allen or Torx (but may be able to mark an adjacent area.)

Hex Size A.T.F. (across the flats) and Torque Limitations — TOP Ink Style

• The smallest we can mark is 1/2″ or 12mm.
• Torque Range is 4-135 Ft.Lbs. or 5.4-183 Nm*

Hex Size A.T.F. (across the flats) and Torque Limitations — SIDE Ink Style

• The smallest we can mark is 9/16″ or 14mm.
• Torque Range is 5-135 Ft.Lbs. or 6.8-183 Nm*

*NOTE: Please check your requirements with us. Torque output capacity will be limited by the Socket size or the Opening size of the head.

Ink Marking Torque Wrenches - Top and Side


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