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BELKNAP’S INTERCHANGEABLE ADJUSTABLE TORQUE WRENCHES give field operators and repair technicians the ability to adjust torque and change the Drive End/Head, as required on the job.

When ordering a Drive End/Head for these torque wrenches, you MUST specify the “YM” shank to properly achieve the proper connection and torque output.


  • Accuracy = ± 4% CW and ± 6% CCW from 20% to full scale.
  • Featuring a rugged, non-slip metal grip.
  • Positive locking with pull down lock ring.
  • Audible and positive sensory click when torque is achieved.
  • Blow molded boxes supplied with all models.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Industrial strength.
  • Exposed scale.
  • Positive lock with spring loaded pull-down lock ring.
  • Super rugged knurled metal handle for industrial use.
  • Meets or exceeds ASME B107.300 – 2010.
  • English scale primary, Newton Meter scale secondary only on Part# 150MFIMH.
Interchangeable Adjustable Drive Torque Wrenches
Torque Range Torque Range Length Increments Weight
Part # Ft. Lb. Nm. Shank Size In. In. Lb.
150MFIMH 30 - 150 34 - 197 YM 17.3 1 2.7
250MFIMHSS 50 - 250 --- YM 22.7 1 3