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Our quality, delivery, and integrity have been unmatched in the industry for many decades!

Belknap’s Standard Interchangeable Drive Ends/Heads have been manufactured by Belknap for assembly lines and a multitude of industries since 1970. Made from the highest quality standards, they have always been made with two things in mind: Safety and Durability! Belknap’s Drive Ends/Heads undergo continuous stability tests and will always withstand the demand required of them when used as intended. They are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with our Preset Standard Interchangeable Drive Torque Wrenches, Interchangeable Adjustable Torque Wrenches, Signal Sending Interchangeable Drive Torque Wrenches, and Maxi-Break Interchangeable Drive Torque Wrenches.

While there are hundreds of Standard Interchangeable Drive Ends/Heads to choose from, your application may be unique. Whether you need them extra thick (heavy-duty) or thin, long or short, straight or offset, narrow, or with a special configuration or opening, our engineers and machinists can make that special drive end to suit your requirements. Contact us at (248) 348-7800 to discuss your specific application.

Check out our Specialty Tools Gallery for a small sampling of the custom-made drive ends that we’ve produced for our customers over the years.


 Torque capacity of a drive end is limited by its opening size, square drive size
or shank size (whichever is lower/smaller.)

An RJE-5 (5/16 V-Bottom Open End with a J shank) will fit into a VB50T-I;
however, the RJE-5 (MAX torque of 7 ft. lbs.) will not withstand
the output capacity of the VB50T-I. 

An RYUE-36 (2-1/4″ U-Bottom Open End with a Y shank) has a 390 ft. lbs. MAX
capacity based on the 2-1/4″; however, the Y shank limits it at 200 ft. lbs.
because it should only go into a VB100ST-I, VB100T-I or VB200T-I.

Most sizes can be made, but safety precautions must
always be taken when selecting a drive end.

Drive Ends Table