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Hose Clamp Tools Pneumatic & Manual

BELKNAP’S HOSE CLAMP TOOLS have been made with superior quality, reliability and longevity that the automotive industry has demanded for thirty years. They are designed with ergonomic principles in mind and in many cases they can be made to comply with your safety regulation needs.

We can custom design a tool for most all clamps in the industry. We can modify them to include magnets, springs and customized, replaceable tips. Maximum and minimum opening sizes can also be set. If your clamp is not pictured below, contact us, we can still make a hose clamp tool that will work for you.

We guarantee that when used properly, our hose clamp tools will open your clamp properly without getting it out of round or scratching it.


  • Low maintenance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Pneumatic models operate only when lever is depressed (can be reversed.)
  • One-handed use.
  • Pneumatic models use standard, non-lubricated shop air.
  • Arms can be offset.
  • Tips are replaceable and customizable on the scissor-style and pliers-style.
  • Housing/end effector are customizable on the inline-style.
Hose Clamps


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